Alright! For those of you who have read my Dream Log, my analysis is this:

First of all, I just want to mention again that my Love had been wanting and planning to go to Japan for one whole year to get valuable work experience in the field of international relations for some time now. Initially, I was completely against the idea because it would mean that we would not be spending our lives together right after she graduated. But as I had seen more footage and learned more about Japan, and specifically, Tokyo, I personally developed interest to go myself. In light of this, I then became fully supportive of her going to Japan. Also, along with the fact that it was still a great opportunity for her to develop her career. But I also knew that my inadequacies were getting in the way. At one point in the past months while discussing the possibilities of what she was to do, the thought of her leaving made me cry. And I believe that these were the same tears that were coming from my eyes in the dream. Realizing that we would not be together overwhelmed me both in real life and in the dream.

As for the part of playing Madonna, well, let's just say I was merely a Temporary Woman. Actually, I still felt the effects of the two Mike's Hard Lemonade and one shooter I had on Saturday night. That probably contributed to my deranged dream.

And perhaps the fact that my libido has been running high as well may have contributed to certain feelings like feeling good to have breasts in the dream. Odd? Most definitely. But the sense of having actual boobs make me shudder. It was a good thing it was through being Madonna.

10:23am EST
As I sit here at work, I still feel the effects of the alcohol from two days ago. My system seems to be slow in digesting alcohol. I wonder how much of the green glowing stuff is in me. And yes, I've seen it before. First year university was not a picnic.

12:04pm EST
I feel like my brain is exhausted from all the sensory stimulation from playing my racing games on my Playstation 2 and from the lights and music in the night club this past weekend. It's like a walking hangover. My thoughts don't seem to make enough sense in context.