Bork is now used by the masses to mean messed up, screwed up, irreversibly damaged, and screwed. "My computer is borked."

The etymology of this usage is murky. The most popular theory is that it may have arisen from Robert Bork's problems. On the other hand, it may be a corruption of broken (by way of the common typo, borken). Or it may be from The Swedish Chef, who has been bork bork bork!ing since 1975. Of course, the Swedish Chef's trademark bork bork bork doesn't seem to have any real meaning, but he did bork up any recipe that he undertook.

Bork is often used as a synonym for the F word, as in "all borked up" and "what the bork!?". suggests that the use of this word in a sexual sense may have come from a conjunction of the words boink and pork. But using bork to mean sex is rare. Bork is usually an ambiguous word that can fill in as a pseudo-swearword or a general marker of ungoodness, without any of the explicitness and precise definitions burdening other English words.