1. adj. Fashionable or elegant, may imply overbearingly so. n. Spiffyness or elegance in style or bearing.

2. adj. Ostentatious; pretentious; arrogance.

3. v. To show off; to behave ostentatiously; compare to Swagger and Strut.

4 adj. {Scot} Full of life and energy; active.

5. v. Imperative of swink; {syn.; swonk}.

6. Acronym Sent With A Nice Kiss.

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Swanky (having the quality of swank), swanker (one who swanks), swankily (in a swank manner), and swankiness (the quality or state of being swank).

The word swanking (strapping, {Scot}) is related only to definition number 4.