See Hermit.

Much as I dislike pointing out the facts of life to complete strangers, I think you should know:

Everything you do in life is going to involve Other People. They are everywhere. They are the ones that give you food, water, sex, and computers. Without them you are nothing.

What they think is very important to you, whether you wish it to be or not. The thinking of other people will determine how much food, money, sex, and computers you can get your hands on. Without them you have nothing.

Now, you may not have to worry about what I think. You may not need to worry about what any one person thinks. You may need to take only a small handful of people you like and respect into account. The rest you can ignore.

When you ignore these people, I would suggest that you do not tell them that you do not give a **** what they think. The tactful thing to do is to ignore them quietly and without fuss, never letting those who are not troubling your mind know of it.

At times, you may have trouble ignoring them. You may need to ask them, please, just leave me alone. If this does not work, than you may explain to them that you are indeed ignoring them. If they persist, you may leave. If it is truly called for, you may even give them a good telling off. If this includes swearing, this is okay. They have, after all, asked for you to be included in their life, and it is their problem if they find they have made a mistake.

But if you are not pressed, please do not do anything obscene to my thinking, or anyone else's, without a very good reason.

I think that it would be quite funny if I deleted flamingweasel's node. Ironic, even. But, I won't.