Allergy Safe Recipes

3/4 cup butter
1 cup sugar
4 eggs, whites and yolks separated
1 tbls. rum
2 cups chestnuts (shelled, cooked until tender, then ground fine)
1/4 cup grated almonds, plus 1 tablespoon for preparing pan
1 cup whipping cream

1/2 lb. bitter chocolate
1/2 cup butter
more almonds for decoration

Preheat oven to 350 (F); prepare two 9 inch cake pans by greasing well and sprinkle the tablespoon of ground almonds on this.

Cream butter then gradually add sugar. Beat then add egg yolks. Add rum. Beat egg whites until stiff. Add chestnuts and almonds to butter mixture, beat thoroughly, then fold in egg whites. Pour into two cake pans. Bake 45 minutes at 350(F), then cool.

Whip the whipping cream with a tablespoon or two of sugar (this shouldn't be very sweet. Spread this on bottom layer of cake and place second layer on top.

Melt chocolate and butter together in a double boiler. Beat until thick enough to spread. Cover cake with this and decorate with almonds.

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