The Northern end of the green line. One of the few parts of Lechmere Square that still carries the name of the British loyalist the land was seized from. The start for the “E” Branch trains. A one track station using a balloon loop to travel both ways. A rickety old station that opened on July 2, 1922 and has served as a subway, cable car, bus station, meeting place, and whatever else people needed.

This year the station is expected to be closed and replaced with the new “Lechmere Station at North Point”. All part of a large development project. Progress is needed but I am going to miss standing outside on a foot-wide platform in a wooden open air station that looks more like everyone is waiting for the next roller-coaster train at Whalom Park (let us not even get into that lost nostalgia) then for the, sometimes over-packed and often times frustrating, green line. Except in the winter, no one likes freezing outside.