The Maoris arrived in New Zealand around AD800 from somewhere in Polynesia, brining kiore (little rats) and dogs known as kuri. They brought a variety of foods and plants, including kumara.

The Maoris had crops of vegetables in the North Island of New Zealand, and in the South they caught birds such as the Moa, fished, and gathered wild plants for their food. All Maoris ate bats, and kiore.

When the Maoris went into battle against other tribes, they sailed in war canoes which were up to 21 m (70ft) in length. These were carved from a single tree trunk. When going into war, the Maoris stuck out their tongues and rolled their eyes in a scary way.They all had tattooed faces.

But when Maoris made peace, or became friends with a different tribe, they would hold a traditonal greeting ceremony. This was called a "hongi".
As a greeting they would press noses together.

Carving was a skill which was believed to have come from the gods. These carvings were seen as sources of spiritual power. They carved things such as wooden bowls, oars, and woodwinds.(Wooden type of flute)

When the pakeha (Maori name for white europeans) came to New Zealand the Maori traditions were changed alot. Foreign foods were introduced and Maoris became very dependent on the pakeha.