I walk down the over populated grey street, cars buzzing around me, the pitter patter of feet walking, running, to where ever it is that they desire. The mumur of voices talking, laughing together. But mostly I feel cold. Not just the normal cold, but a scary spine tingling cold. I look down at my feet, oddly enough I am not wearing shoes, my feet are bright red, with purple bits. My nose is running like a tap.

I didn't care. Its only coldness. Who said its a bad feeling.

Like a shock to my system, thunder bolting its way through my body suddenly the thought popped into my head. I stopped. I looked at the shop window. The store was closed. I stared, the window stared back.
"Where am I going?"
Was I walking aimlessly around the inner city streets, on a mid winters night. I felt as if I had no where else to go.

It started raining, spitting down on me, as if all the people in heaven disapproved. The rain started rapidly getting harder, it wasn't spitting now, it was projectile vomiting.
I was soaked, not to mention the pain, of sharp water constantly hitting you. I screamed.
I guess it was now a good time to find cover. I looked around. Did a 360 turn, it seemed as if I turned so fast so that everything was a blur. I was so wet, I felt if as I was going to drown in myself. Panic entered my body.
For some reason I just started walking. Down the street, around the corner. I was now on an avenue. Hundreds of cars, trucks, buses, to the left of me. I stopped to look at all of this, all the water splashing up as they drove through puddles at fast speeds. Oh yeah, I am meant to be looking for cover.

Up the road a bit there was a bus shelter. "Ah-hah" I thought to myself.
I started jogging towards the shelter, then sprinting . It seemed like hours had past, before I finally got there.

I sat down, as you do. Sitting. Sitting. Sitting.......

Sunddenly out of nowhere an old man appeared. I felt as if my heart had just jumped out of my chest.
"Wh-wh-at? Who are you?" I said in a squemish voice.
He did not answer. I stared at him, he just stood there. He stood there looking at me.
The short old man looked like a cliche begger. Dirty brown face, long grey raggy hair, a long grey dirty raggy beard, with brown, with half cut up clothes/rags.
"Ummmmm... hi... What do you want? I mean, what are you doing here? Not that you are not aloud to be here... its just.. WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STARING AT ME?!" I suddenly got angry.
Why WAS he staring at me.
I stood up. Deciding to leave, I would rather be soaking wet and cold, than some scary old beggar man staring at me.
I walked a few steps past the old man.
"STOP" He said in a feeble voice.... another cliche.
"What?!" I replied in a childish voice. I suddenly felt ashamed. "What do you want?" I said in a more suiting way.

I woke up.