Justice was a title/character from Marvel Comics' New Universe. I just found all my old issues in my parents' basement, 1 thru 18 running from November of 1986 to April 1988.

A Justice Warrior was a man who could see people's auras, letting him know if they were evil or good. Such a warrior would pass judgement upon evil. From his right hand he wielded his sword, a beam of searing red energy that could turn a man into a pile of dust. From his left hand he could project an energy shield which he could use to protect himself or use to push people or objects.

The comic tells the story of such a Justice Warrior who appears in our realm from another dimension, hounded by evil seeking to kill him. He slowly works to remember his old life and struggles to reconcile life in this world where men cannot see the hearts of those around them - "judging" many men along the way to the complete misunderstanding of local law enforcement.

This is about all I remember from this title, except that I thought it was cool, and that Justice turns out to be some sort of human mutant trapped in the dreams of another man (from the covers it looks like that was revealed in issue 15).