A member of the super-hero team the Avengers published by Marvel Comics.

Vance Astrovik is the real name of the hero Justice. In an alternate timeline, Astrovik became an astronaut traveling to Alpha Centauri. During his time in suspended animation, Astrovick (who had changed his name to Astro) had his dormant telekinetic abilities. Upon arrival, Astrovik discovered that this area of the galaxy had been conquered by the Badoon. Astrovik joined up with others to become the Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Guardians of the Galaxy traveled to the past following the cosmic entity Korvac. While in the 20th century, Vance Astro met his younger self in hopes of convincing him to not become an astronaut. The meeting sparked the telekinetic ability of the younger Astrovik, changing the timeline.

The new found powers caused trouble for Astrovik in his home life. Running away from home, Astrovik went on the wrestling circuit, using his telekinetic abilities in the ring. During this time, he encountered Ben Grimm, the Thing of the Fantastic Four. With Ben's help, Astrovik returned home and he and his father entered a therapy program.

When his father continued to abuse him, Vance attempted to join the Avengers. He was rejected and instead was recruited by Night Thrasher for the New Warriors, a team comprised of younger heroes, under the name Marvel Boy.

While working with the New Warriors, Vance's powers escalated and during one of his father's attacks, Vance struck back, killing his father. Found guilty of murder, Vance went to prison for a time. Upon his release, Vance returned to the New Warriors under the name Justice.

When the New Warriors disbanded, Justice and Firestar were given membership in the Avengers.