My cat is on heat. My boyfriend said “entire female cats are no problem.” “She won’t cry much – you’ll hardly notice it” he said. He emphatically stated that he had always lived in houses with entire female cats and they had never been any problem.

Guess who’s off on a nice five month deployment with the Navy – leaving me stuck here with the loudest cat in the history of the entire fucking world.

Oh, I know – it’s responsible to spay your cat. But the adorable little thing is an expensive and rather exotic pedigree – and we wanted expensive exotic kittens. She never goes outside (except for strolls on her harness. These rapidly turn into “race up the nearest tree and laugh at my human” on her harness, but hey). There’s no risk that she’ll have litters of unwanted kittens, so no risk of strays that go feral and destroy our precious endemic wildlife.

So now she’s wandering round the house howling. She’s got a piercing and physically painful cry at the best of times – having it repeated once every 5 seconds for an hour or so gets pretty damn awful.

I can’t let her have kittens yet. She’s too young and irresponsible, I don’t have the time, my boyfriend is a bit insane about her and would resent missing out on becoming a granddad for the first time…But the screaming will drive me mad. And she’s obviously not happy. I’m not getting sex either, but it doesn’t drive me to wander around the house yelling “Fuck me” at intervals. There’s a writeup under “How to calm a cat in heat” but quite frankly, I’m not sticking anything in my cat’s…er…pussy. Or one can pay for the services of a sterilized but still entire tom. This may well be an option.

She’s also started spraying. Apparently this is quite normal. What I’m having trouble dealing with is her choice of target. It’s me. She doesn’t spray anything else, just walks past me, wiggles her tail…and: *squirt*. Then wanders off. This is a problem here.

Oh well. She is still gorgeous, and wonderful, and is growing up to be just the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. I just hope the kittens are worth all the noise.

In other news – like I said: the boy’s gone off to the Gulf for 5 months. Means more money, and he gets a funky little medal, so he’s happy.

I’m desperately trying to find a new job – one that doesn’t involve children in any way. I’m so sick of teaching. But one does get used to 10 weeks holiday and 25 days sick leave per year – dropping down to 4 weeks and 5 days respectively would be a shock.

Had a job interview this evening – do not think it went well – do not think I got it. Ah well. Then got lost trying to get from somewhere out one side of Sydney to my place out the other side. Had not left map in car. V. stressful. Maybe I’ll try real estate. Selling houses. At least they’ll take people with no experience – more than can be said for most places.

G’night E2. I’ll start writing again soon. Just as soon as the house is tidy, and the exams are marked, and when Sassy-cat stops screaming.