"Saskia" (nee' Saskia Font Prenafeta ) is a Spanish vocalist who is making her debut on Soulseek's SLSK Records. Her music is a infectious but unusual blend of pop, I.D.M., and trip hop. Thanks to collaborations with more established artist/producers such as KiloWatts and Joe Troski, Saskia has been able to bring her songwriting visions to life.

The Cd "Deep" is a melodic foray into the emotional trials and tribulations that are at the root of our mortal existence. Saskia lives her life in a passionate way, and as a result is able to lyrically capture emotions and set them to music in a way that truly touches the heart. Having spent time around the globe, she is inspired by city lights, love lost and love won, lust, the essence of male and female, despair, and elation. She manages to touch on all of these emotions, yet leaves them digestible enough for the dancefloor. As a songwriter, she is a mistress of the melodic hook, carving out choruses that remain in the listener's head for days afterward.

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