I've said it before I'll say it again, I used to never dream, or very rarely. Here lately it's been an everyday thing.

I bought a mountain bike yesterday, because my girlfriend and I, mostly her, have decided to get into shape (apparently the shape she had previously chosen was a triangle).

So I ride into town for some Ice-Cream, and I notice a neat little trail to my right. I quickly double back so I can ride my new bike down this trail. When I get to the trail, there is a little old man throwing bread crumbs, to these cats, thinking they were pigeons. I said to him, "Hey you know that those are cats you're throwing the bread to don't you?" After a short pause, the old man looked at me, and said, to you they are cats, but they represent the animal within' each individual person. At that time, another man on a bicycle rode up, and said to the old man, "Why are you throwing bread to the stray hippos?"
At this point I remember being very moved, and enlightened by the old man's comments.
I was next at home, where my girlfriend was already waiting to tell me about this old woman she saw throwing cats at bread crumbs.|
This is undoubtedly the most unusual dream I have ever had.