Clonaid is an organization established in February, 1997, by Rael (Claude Vorilhon), leader of the Raelian, and a group of investors with the main goal of creating the first human clone. The CEO, Raël, is available for speeches on their main goal of human cloning for about US $100,000. In 2001, Raël handed over the research to Dr. Brigitte Boisselier, who is a member of movement, and has two PhDs, in physical and biomolecular engineering.

Clonaid offers a product for fusing embryonic cells, called the RMX 2010, and supposedly developed by Clonaid's research team.

Clonaid also offers services to (wealthy) individuals, including holding onto your genetic material so you can be cloned one day if you wish, selling eggs to infertile women (they can choose the eggs from a catalog of pictures and bios of the donor), and clonaid will soon offer the option of cloning your pet.

On December 26th, 2002, the (supposedly) first cloned human baby, named Eve, was born. DNA tests for the baby have been cancelled, but sooner or later the public will know the truth. More babies have been born since, but so far no tests have been received to verify or put to rest the controversy.(this will be updated with said truth)

Pretty much everything can be found on, however nothing is cut and pasted, and I've done my best to solidify all the information. I was unable to independantly verify what was on the site. If you receive more information on SPECIFICALLY Clonaid, feel free to send it to me.