Names for the Evil Eye in different cultures:
(Note: Not always a direct translation of "Evil Eye," the names listed here are the mythological equivalants of "Evil Eye")
Greece: Baskania
Rome: Fascinatio
Spanish-speaking countries in South America: Mal de Ojo
France: Mauvais Oeil
Haiti: Mauvais Jé
Holland: Booz Blick (try saying that five times fast)
Germany: Böser Blick
Poland: Zte Oko
Corsica: Innocchiatura
Norway: Skørtunge
Denmark: Det Onde Øje
Ireland: Droch-shuil
Scotland: Bad Ee
Persia: Aghashi
Arabia: 'Ayn
Israel: Ayin Hara
Tunisia: 'Ayn Harsha
Armenia: Pasternak
China: Ok Ngan
Turkey: Nazar
Tuscany and Southern Italy: Affascinamento or Jettatura or Malocchio
The rest of Italy: Malocchio

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