Always begin with the Bass player. This will always lead to confusion amongst the band members, at least two of whom will just think it is the manager venting frustration again. This has happened at least twice, three times if it is a particularly popular band. In this case, the bassist will be a robot brought in to pretend to be a former, more aggravating, band member. The two band members who think the manager is angry will attempt to mollify the third and explain why the manager has just shot Jim and why motor oil is leaking onto the stage. When things have calmed down, get to the side stage, orient yourself between the vocalist and the lead guitarist, or alternatively the lead guitar/vocal and the keyboard player.

The, now mollified, third member is probably the Drummer, who didn't know the bassist was a robot because he's only been there for 30 minutes. If you wait another 15 minutes he'll probably quit the band and reporters from crappy magazines will swarm the remaining members, and the new Robot Bassist will have come out of the closet.(the broom closet that is; he doesn't come out of the other closet unless a feather boa is gets caught on a shoulder servo) As the press would get in the way, take the opportunity from this vantage to shoot the drummer. If you use an explosive round, the two remaining members will probably think this is par for the course. However one of them, the one with a slightly smaller ego, will be getting nervous and will probably make for the door. Make sure a trip wire is ready and he'll practically shoot himself.

Finally, the lead guitar/vocal will be irritated since he'll need to find a new band and will probably sit down for a smoke. Replace his cigarettes with a pack you've prepared with powerful bombs inside. If it fails go off, shoot the rest of the pack which he's stuck back into his breast pocket or, lacking a shirt as he often does, his pants. Use the remote detonator and that should be it. If there is a fifth member of the band just take him out for a night of drinking and he'll fall into a spiral of alcohol and drugs that eventually lead to his death or recovery with teary memoirs and specials on VH1.

The manager will pay you off with a percentage of the insurance if you promise to stay quiet about how the feather boa got on the extra robotic bassist.