Bassist for Weezer. 2002 to present.

On August 22nd, 2001, after speculation regarding bassist Mikey Welsh leaving the band after being checked into a psychiatric hospital, Weezer continued on the bands 2001 Midget Tour, and that night, had Scott Shriner on bass. Shriner's biggest credit prior to Weezer was playing with the Los Angeles group Broken. While there was speculation that Mikey would return it was Shriner's appearance in the band's video for "Photograph" pretty much marked it in ink. Scott Shriner was the new Weezer bassist.

Scott's first show with Weezer was at the KROQ "Inland Invasion" festival show on August 25th, 2001. The first song he would play with the band was "Photograph" and during "Hash Pipe" a fan jumped up onstage and literally jumped on Shriner. Scott didn't miss a note, and the guy was dragged offstage by two security guards.

Shriner has brought a harder edge to the band. Having more metal influences and metal background than even ex-metalhead and band frontman Rivers Cuomo ever had. Scott appeared on the bands 2002 Gold selling album Maladroit, their 2005 album Make Believe and on tons of fantastic unreleased demos.

Personally, I like Scott. I enjoy hearing his baritone backups and his bass lines sound funkier (as in funk music) than any of the other Weezer bassists. Onstage, Scott does stick out from the other three, yet not in a bad way. And he's right on par with them when it comes to the raw energy he plays with. While many fans still aren't over original =w= bassist Matt Sharp leaving the band, I've moved on. At this point, Matt Sharp is such a different person, and Weezer is such a different band, that I can only imagine Scott on bass with Weezer now. Although I can't wait for that Rivers & Matt Album that's supposed to come out sometime next year.

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