Science Fiction

Various science fiction shows, games, movies, etc. use the term as the name for space ships and other things. Mainly because aurora is an interesting atmospheric phenomenon that involves interaction between space and the air in the arctic and also the name of a greek goddess. So it quite easily fits the typical naming scheme that so many space ships in science fiction fall under.

Babylon 5

In Babylon 5 for instance there is the SA 23-E Aurora Starfury. It is a short range fighter and by the time Babylon 5 is set it had been in service for nearly twenty years. It mounts four 40mm pulse cannons, 2 rear firing 35mm pulse cannons and 8 fusion missles. It is an extremely agile craft and was designed, by the TV series's production crew, to look like the sort of thing you would want if you were designing a single person fighter in space. The central pilot cockpit and power battery assembly is connected by four pylons to large fusion jets with vector thrusters.

The Earth Alliance uses these fighters extensively throughout the series, midseries it introduces newer fighters like the Thunderbolt. The Aurora forms the backbone of the EA's space superiority.

Stargate Atlantis

In one episode of the Stargate spinoff SG: Atlantis, the cast find an Ancient warship drifting in space and are able to board and find the crew in a state of suspended animation. In a virtual environment, created to keep the minds of the Ancients active, Sheppard is able to convince them of their fate, of which they were unaware. They could not be retrieved from stasis as their bodies had grown too old. Sadly the ship itself was destroyed when it was forced to self destruct to destroy two Wraith cruisers. The class-name Aurora has been given to subsequent vessels of similar design.

Escape Velocity: Nova

The over arching name of the overcrowded empire of Aurora in the Galactic South of the game, EV: Nova. They are an analog to the Klingons in that they are 'warrior culture' which means they go around in small amounts of clothing, get large and painful looking tattoos depicting the battles they've won and demand that anyone who deals with them be capable of dealing with a fleet of battleships. They are also quite similar to Australians for a number of silly reasons. In the game mechanic they focus, like the Voinians of Override, on building better armor. Their ships are heavy and slow but armed to the teeth and very hard to kill. They also come with two different forms of guns: close range fusion pulse cannons and very long range rail guns that go from 100 mm to 200 mm rounds.