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Starfury Class Fighter

The Earth Alliance Starfury Class fighters are uniquely for designed mamximum efficiency in space combat. With the pilot(s) located in the center, and 4 redirectable engines located at the end of 4 "wings", the Starfury is amazingly maneuverable. The Pilot "stands up" in the cockpit, which is the best position for most acceleration.

The basic design is hardly new, it existed way before the Earth-Minbari war, all the way back to the Dilgar War (early 23rd century). But the design was judged to be very solid, and there have been many upgrades to all systems over the years. Starfuries usually have at least two cannons as weapons, with the additional capability of carrying missiles. Its length is around 7 meters, but with a wingspan of almost 18 meters.

Starfuries are featured in most every battle theater in the Babylon 5 Universe. They were seen heavily in The Battle of the Line, (cf. "The Gathering", "And the Sky Full of Stars", and "In the Beginning"), in defending the station specifically in "Points of Departure", the Shadow War, and also in the Earth Civil War supporting both the Earth Alliance and the Army of Light.

There are currently three basic types of Starfuries in service:

    Light "Aurora" Starfury

      The standard Light Starfury is basically the same model as the one used in the Earth-Minbari war, but with some upgrades. It is not very well armed and protected, but very quick and maneuverable. This is by far the most common type of Starfury.

    Heavy Starfury

      The Heavy Starfury is a two-seater, with a gunner positioned looking backwards. It has better armor and weapons than the Light Starfury, but it is slower and not as maneuverable.

      Its main role is attack, and therefore it is always stationed on starships with offensive capabilities.

    Advanced "Black Omega" Starfury

      The Black Omega Starfuries are advanced models that are stealthier than the Light Starfury. They are mostly used on "sensitive" missions, and are always piloted by members of Psi-Corps. They are easily recognized by a large white omega letter painted on black background.

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