I have resisted the urge to add a writeup to My 900th Writeup because I know it'll just get nuked, and rightfully so. Just the same, I have managed to become an Archivist (a Level 9 noder). Yes, I'd like a cookie, please.

Created a mix tape for liha, returning her favor with everything from Blue Man Group to the Brown Derbies, and featuring a few other interesting tracks.

Back to wearing a necktie at work. Could be worse -- an outfit including khakis and a Dilbert tie is perfectly acceptable. I have yet to attempt wearing a clip-on tie, but then again I don't think I have one.

I should have written more Christmas cards by now, but I'm stuck on a card for a guy who could celebrate Hanukkah or Solstice or Christmas or, for all I know Ramadan or Kwanzaa. I wish there were some "Happy Whatever Floats Your Boat This Time Of Year" cards at Hallmark.