Pick titles carefully. When you create a new node, choose a short title that describes the item succinctly and elegantly. This makes it easier for others to link to your writeups, and easier for others to find your writeups.

Use Occam's Razor. If a word isn't crucial to the title, omit it. In almost all cases, use the singular form of a noun or noun phrase, and use the unmarked, simplest form of a verb or verb phrase. Try to anticipate what other people would call your subject.

The most useful and informative writeups on E2 tend to have titles of one, two or three words. The silliest getting to know you nodes usually have amazingly long titles. This is not to say that an informative writeup never appears under a long title, or that bullshit never appears under a short title, but it's a general trend and you wouldn't want your serious work to be treated as fluff because of its name.

The word "metanode" is almost always unnecessary. If you see the need for a metanode about a particular subject, use that subject for the title of your writeup. After all, the ideas in a metanode about eponymous laws are not *about* an eponymous laws metanode -- they are about "eponymous laws" themselves. A textbook about psychology would be called Psychology, not Psychology Textbook. The term metanode is completely unnecessary and should be left out.

In other words, choose short titles (and put stuff where it goes! -- dem bones).