I see the dilapidated Dodge and Ford ice cream vans circle the neighborhood, blaring their terrible MIDI songs.
I wish they didn't upgrade their music and I liked the carts and bells better.

I walk down the street and I look at my old elementary school and the church across the street.
Didn't someone get shot in the parking lot a few years ago?

I pass by the old shopping center.
Nothing ever replaced that old Circuit City, but we have a Norms now?

I look across the street and see my neighbor's fence.
Nope. Still mismatched colors...5 years after that incident.

I look over my backyard fence.
Will you clean up your stupid yard already, it's been 10 years! Well, at least there isn't a lawnmower isn't hidden in the 5' grass weeds anymore...

I sit in my room and try to forget my neighbors like their music loud.
Maybe I should play O Fortuna to reciprocate the feeling...

Welcome home.