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I got my first 'bid snipe' win off eBay today using the esnipe service. I see that Andara's already explained it to you all. I collect some specific English china pattern pieces, and I know the prices pretty good, so it's a good way to do it, I know what's a fair deal.

But what I'm really excited about and kinda sticking around online for is a pair of lead crystal goblets in an unusual pattern. They're pentagonal if that's a word (and I guess it is since it's got a node) and in each of the 5 sides is set a crystal sphere like it's embedded in the side wall of the glass. The stems are formed a bit roughly like a pair of intertwined vines.

If I get these two I'll have 5, one more completes set of 6 that I could use for a dinner party. I also have a matching decanter, which you can't really use nowadays because storing liquids in lead crystal serving ware is a health hazard, from the lead of course.

I know the decanter goes with the set even tho the design is a bit different--it's 5-sided and the glassware is clearly the same though its not set with the glass spheres and high up on the side is what might be a coat of arms or something akin to it.

My first of these goblets is a family heirloom on my dad's side which we had for generations. My grandma (mom's mom) brought the second somewhere in Eastern Europe (some country that doesn't exist anymore) and one day we realized that we had two of the same thing, and I got it after she died. Since then I got one more in Ireland at a specialty shop, funny, and then now these two from South Africa of all places.

Anyway back to watching the bidding on these like I said I don't know the value of them (maybe I should go to the Antiques Roadshow when it comes our way to see what they're worth) but I really want to get them, maybe when they come I can find someplace for them all in my china hutch for them, right now the others are put away in tissue paper with the decanter.