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Planning a dinner party for Saturday, October 30th. We're going to a Halloween party afterward, some of Art's ex-colleagues from a previous job. So this will be about Networking instead of having fun, tedious conversations and pretending to be interested in other people's lives.

But before that, Art wants to have one of his former work-buddies stop by for dinner. This guy is now an executive at some up-and-coming media place, and Art wants to make a good impression. He's bringing a date, Dale by name, I'm a bit vague on whether Dale is a man or a woman ... not that it matters ... it's all the same in the media business anyway, I suppose.

So what to make for a Halloween meal? Baked Orodruin was suggested but it seems like total overkill. There's lots of recipes here but precious little organization. I'd be grateful for any suggestions, remember that this is about impressing a potential new boss, so nothing too gross, funny thought that would be!

If I invite one more person, then we'll have five. Five's a good number for a Halloween meal, I think. Thirteen would be a bit much (unless I made the Baked Orodruin -- not this year). What serves five?

And I went and got the Amaretto today, we can serve that as the drink. Just a taste -- we don't want any drinking and driving going on.

I'll post any good recipe ideas in tomorrow's day log.