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So, I got my crystal goblets, though not without a last minute bid war. Two other bidders wanted them but I hung on. Last time (October 8, 2004) I said "I know what's a fair deal" and in this case I'm sure I overpaid but I really wanted them.

So you know how you can talk to the seller to arrange shipping and delivery and stuff? I asked where he got the goblets and he says that one of them came from an estate sale and the other he'd gotten on eBay from someone in Australia. It's really weird how these are all over like that. I don't know if there were a lot of them at one time (in which case I paid way too much) or if they were divided up among a family who spread apart or something like that?

He asked me why I was buying them and I said that I already had three like it. I didn't tell him about the matching decanter. Then it got a bit weird and he tried to back out of the sale and wanted to buy mine. I said no way we had an agreement and anyway I didn't want to sell and I'd report him to eBay and stuff. So it was a bit tense but after a few emails he agreed to go ahead with the sale and apologized and all.

So it's all arranged and they're coming by air mail all the way from Fish Hook, Cape Town. I'm very pleased. I'm starting to think I can plan a Halloween party and use them, they have that gothic look to them and should really make the scene.

In other news I talked to my therapist about some of my recurring dreams and she says I need to express them, I'm going to write one up in a "dream log" and see what you E2 types make of it. Maybe I'll do that tonight since Artie is watching baseball on the TV.

P.S. Thanks to themanwho and karma debt who mentioned my typos the last time out, this time I have spell checked it all.