It strikes me that there's a lot of pseudo-shamans floating around in the technology industry, and even more people who perceive anyone who can get their computer working again as such. Moreover, this phenomenon seems to go back at least to the mainframe days.

I can't count on a dozen hands the number of times that I've fixed someone's machine for them, and they claim its magic.

To back up this assertion, check out this from the jargon file's "Casting the runes" entry: A correspondent from England tells us that one of ICL's most talented systems designers used to be called out occasionally to service machines which the field circus had given up on. Since he knew the design inside out, he could often find faults simply by listening to a quick outline of the symptoms. He used to play on this by going to some site where the field circus had just spent the last two weeks solid trying to find a fault, and spreading a diagram of the system out on a table top. He'd then shake some chicken bones and cast them over the diagram, peer at the bones intently for a minute, and then tell them that a certain module needed replacing. The system would start working again immediately upon the replacement.