We don't call it hippiepunks but that's a good term. There's a lot of 'em here around, (in Visby), I guess I'm one of them. Some of 'em smoke, drink beer, I do neither and detest both. Most are vegans. Clothes are ragged, style borrowed from hippies and punks (and to a lesser extent, grunge) -- ragged, tie-dye, black, browns, naturals, colorful. It's consistent but in an odd way. Dreads and mohawks are common.

They're all self-proclaimed leftists, anarchists, and feminists. They're into the whole globalization thing.

Street art, some people call it vandalism, is also common.

As for music, the the Dead Kennedys the Grateful Dead are favourites of old, as is Led Zeppelin. One of the defining artists are Manu Chao. We listen to new hippie music, to new punk, to things that are both or neither. We also listen to a lot of local bands. Some political hiphop, a lot of weird electronic music (especially video game music). Ska is popular among this crowd too, as is rock and progg. Music is a big thing and dancing is as well.

There are hackers in the crowd as well as people who never ever use computers.

Is it new or old? Well, it's reminiscent of the yippies but it's different this time around, I think. Of course, I wasn't around then, so I can't tell for sure.

It's not for everyone, perhaps, but I love it.

I don't think that Orion and prole are talking about the same thing above. Orion just seems to speak of punks with long hair. I'm speaking of this whole movement that's sprung up the latest years.