(I assume all at once everyone on everthing replies with my greeting.....)

it's a swollen members night

tonight hit me like the chocolate chip rolls that blew Austin's mind in the spring of 1995. i only had to work for three hours of my six hour shift, and in celebration i swung by a local bar near my place. cocaine rumors made their way to within five minutes of receiving my shot of jd and pint of Guinness. but i passed an electric joy ride for a night of peace of mind. my decision rewarded me in ways Pavlov dreamed back in the day. first off, homeboy Chris, or I guy I know named Chris, dropped me a nug of kb to show that love. secondly, my libido made an appearance. this non-existent wonder that had slowly disapppeared over the last six months. I've gotten numbers at bars and other likely number gathering social dwellings, but I pussied out hard and never called. a lot of chances presented themselves. I've passed up chances to kiss, caress, and flatout fuck in these times. Back to tonight, I meet this teacher tonight named Kim. Penetrating dark eyes, the kind that make your seat almost grip you with their glance directed at you. A gem, got the digits prior to departure.... resisted the urge to kiss, and will call with the developing situation. capitalization and linking seemed to slip my mind until the end.

Suckapant out!