a funny thing happened today.....
I got to work early, it seemed like a good day for it. Then it happened, I got fired. My software testing position that had punctured my body and slowly drained my life away is no more. I'm happy, I generally stay quite positive, but today it's different. Really. As I drove home I stopped at the local Bluebonnet Mart. The clerk who sold me orange juice earlier, seemed a little shocked when I placed a six pack of Red Stripe on the counter at 10:15. I've always resisted structure, the whole suppressing idea makes me squirm. Being born outside of the box hasn't paid off in my life. But the pressure that has pushed down on my shoulders for the last nine months is gone. A rebirth, if you will, came to me as a SUV cut me off on the way home. As I drove past, I waved at them, genuinely.

For those of you who have messaged me about my outlooks and writing style, it's about to explode. I'll have to get another job, but the time in between will not be wasted. I made the call, I'll be back on the dole for a while. Pen, paper, and everything aren't prepared for the things I am planning. The sun is hot, my mentality on point, and I, Suckapant, am ready to embrace the sticky, beautiful idea of life.