compiled overview of the 35ton Jenner 'Mech, from various BattleTech novels and game sourcebooks:

Along with the Panther, the Jenner has long been a favored front-line light 'Mech in the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery and has proven useful in many roles. It can defeat most other light 'Mechs in a one-on-one battle, and it is fast and maneuverable enough to perform the scouting and screening duties traditionally assigned to a light 'Mech. It was designed as a fast, hit and run guerrilla fighter. With a maximum speed of 118.8kph and a jump capacity of 150 meters, it was hoped that this 'Mech would form the foundation for a new, highly mobile lance.

The original Jenner mounted two Argra 27C medium lasers and a Diplan HD large laser on a central turret, but this configuration could easily be disarmed by a direct hit to the turret. The medium lasers' targeting system was also plagued with problems. However, because the chassis and mobility subsystems performed well in trials, designers decided to refit the weapons systems instead of scrapping the whole design.

The Jenner was then modified to its current configuration, mounting four Argra 3L medium lasers, two per side, on directionally variable mountings. The Argra 3L replaced the older 27C because it had a better spectral purity and a more rugged focal system. The Thunderstroke SRM-4 was installed after additional testing showed the need for increased short range firepower. The resulting 'Mech was the pride of Kurita forces.

Because the Argra 3L medium lasers are the Jenner's main armament, the 'Mech can operate for long periods without running out of ammunition. During long engagements or on deep raids, the twenty-five reloads available to the Thunderstroke SRM-4 could run out, and so this missile launcher is mostly used for the finishing stroke or to add extra hitting power in a difficult moment.

Although the Jenner was designed as a close range fighter, it lacks arms for punching and other physical attacks. The Jenner's designers felt that because of the 'Mech's low tonnage, it would not be able to make effective physical attacks. The Jenner has done well without arms, except in looting raids made on enemy supply depots. During these, it lays down covering fire to allow 'Mechs with hands to gather what they can.

When Diplan Mechyards was completing the first Jenners in September 2784, tensions were running high. War seemed inevitable, more a question of 'when' than of 'if'. Minoru Kurita took a personal interest in the Jenner, calling it the "first of a new line". He ordered further design and development on heavier 'Mechs with the Jenner's mobility.

It was only fitting that Minoru Kurita's favored 'Mech should avenge his assassination. Waves of Jenners and other fast 'Mechs entered the cities to carry out Jinjiro Kurita's directive to "bathe accursed Kentares in blood". The Jenner earned itself a place as the standard light warhorse of the Draconis Combine.

Despite the outbreak of the First Succession War, construction continued at Diplan Mechyards until 2815, when a shortage of raw materials brought the assembly lines to a halt. However, Diplan continued to produce its 'Mech chassis. In 2823, production of Jenners resumed on Ozawa, and some three thousand chassis were shipped to a Diplan subsidiary on Luthien for final fittings and assembly. Although heavily damaged by naval bombardment, the Diplan Luthien Corporation retooled its remaining plants for Jenner assembly. By 2830, Diplan of Ozawa and Diplan Luthien had a combined annual output of 1,350 Jenners.

Throughout the Second Succession War, the Jenner continued the infamous tradition begun during The Kentares Massacre.. Used singly or in groups, the Jenner is often sent behind enemy lines to create confusion and havoc. It was during these terror raids that the other Houses first captured Jenners. By 2840, the Federated Suns and the Lyran Commonwealth both had a number of operational Jenners. By 2845, the Jenner was used by all of the Successor States, although it continues to be primarily a Kurita 'Mech.

During the War of 3039, several incidents provided a reason to change the Jenner's design. At least six times during that war, a lightly damaged Jenner blew itself to pieces when the missile reloads detonated from a freak enemy shot. The availability of Star League-era technology has provided a solution to this problem. Employing lighter New Samarkand Royal ferro-fibrous armor to achieve almost the same degree of protection with half a ton less weight, engineers at Luthien Armor Works fitted the Jenner's right torso with Cellular Ammunition Storage Equipment to mitigate the effects of an ammunition explosion. Though this model has only just begun to see service, it appears that Kurita military planners have enhanced an excellent design with little loss of production capability.

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