The best BattleMech ever!!! Found on page 83 of the unrevised Technical Readout: 3025 published by FASA. Most people think he sucks. I've spent hours laughing at and making fun of this doomed, blundering 'Mech, although he is my favorite 'Mech of all time. First manufactured by Kallon Industries in 2770. Armed with twin autocannon, medium lasers and large lasers, he is really good at, well, overheating. (They only gave the poor 'Mech a meager 10 heat sinks.) Sadly, in the revised edition of the tech readout, he was removed. He also appeared in the 3050 readout as the upgraded RFL-5N, and the Clans have a version of their own, Rifleman IIC, found in the 3055 readout. He reminds me of urine and brown for some strange reason.

Ri"fle*man (?), n.; pl. Rifleman (). Mil.

A soldier armed with a rifle.


© Webster 1913.

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