Yesterday (Saturday) I went over to see La petite Mort in the afternoon. We saw Louis Wain's cat drawings at the Wandsworth Museum. Very good. Man, the electric cat looks like it belongs on a blotter! Then after supper, on to Boo!'s concert in the evening, meeting up with some old Capetonian friends. It wasn't actually Boo!'s last concert - there's another one next week, I don't know where. They still have what makes them good anyway, and I hope Chris Chameleon makes more music somehow.

It was quite late, 12:30 when we got back by tube. A lot of drunken people were about in London last night. There was a guy at the northern line platform at Kings Cross, just stilling on the bench. When the train came, he tried to get up but just fell off the bench, twitching and drooling on the tiles.

The other good news is that NTL have finally got our cable TV working, so we won't be leaving the flat much on Sunday. However I had to go out, to book an air ticket to Cape Town in January from Flight centre.

A lot of wierdos around this morning, and I don't mean the Goths. The usual bag-lady had company, and instead of her usual routine of hunching in a doorway, zealously guarding her collection of junk, she and her friends were going for people, sounding even less intelligible than usual. I gave them a wide berth.

The people at the tube station seem half alive, muttering in unintelligible languages. But this is north London anyway, nobody plays much attention to people that they don't know, even if they are groaning and drooling. It bugs me a bit though. Still, it's not polite to interfere.

So today we're closing the doors and watching Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi - the DVD set arrived from Amazon on Wednesday, and then the Sci-fi channel on Cable. I hope those guys out there have sobered up and gone home by the time we're done.