Borland Delphi is a programming language that I have used and enjoyed for many years.

Delphi is made by Borland, which is occasionally also known as Inprise.

Delphi is a Windows RAD programming tool using the Object Pascal Programming language, and is the sucessor to Borland Turbo Pascal. As of 2001, Delphi now has a Linux brother called Kylix

The name and the logo, of a ancient Greek temple and brazier (later a marble statue replaced the brazier) was chosen no doubt to reminiscent of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi, the place, thereby signifying stored wisdom (i.e. databases), solidity, permanence, structure and worship. Or something like that.

Delphi has often been typecast as a powerful RAD database programming language. However this misses the point of Delphi. It is a powerful general-purpose programming language that ships with a powerful class library for rapidly developing database applications. Delphi is not a toy language it is powerful, easy to use, and fast. The use of Object Pascal is considered a benefit over C++ not a liability by those who know it well.

In some ways newer, more dynamic languages such as Java offer some advantages over Delphi, but for making compiled executabled for Windows (or Linux) it is hard to beat.

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