I lay here on my back and think of all the things that are wrong,
They can only be fixed I know, if I go back to where I belong.

I stand up in the pitch black night,
I know that going home is the only thing I've done right.

I walk along the highway, the sun starts to rise,
I quicken my step, put a smile on my face, as I rub my eyes.

Two days later I walk up to my house, I finally arrive,
To the place where I grew up, Sunset drive.

I walk up to the door and knock to let everyone know I'm here.
I stand up with a confident smile, I laugh then wipe away a tear.

The door opens to an unknown face,
I ask her were daddy and mama are,
She says I'm at the wrong place.

I turn back around with a pale face, I know this house isn't wrong,
I walk down the steps with tears in my eyes, I must have taken too long.