A constant since the dawn of time.

This call log was found scrawled on the wall of a cave in Northern Europe:

"Fire support. Me Oog. Who you?"

"Me Larg. Larg mad."

"Oog help Larg. Why Larg mad?"

Larg fire not burn. Fire burn yesterday but not burn today."

"Do Larg have stick and stone?"


"You bang stick and stone together?"

"Ya, bang stick and stone just like yesterday. No burn"

"Sigh...You use same stick and stone as yesterday? Make no change?"

"I use same stick, same stone. Fire burn yesterday but not today."

"Sigh...You no do anything different to stick or stone?"

"Me do one thing different. Rock very hot. Burn Larg hand. Larg dip rock in river to cool off so can hold."

"Sigh...Larg can't dip rock in river, or fire won't burn. Larg must wait for rock dry out."

"But Larg can't hold hot dry rock. Why won't fire work with wet rock?"

"Oog no help wet rock fire"

"Larg mad. Larg beat Oog. Larg beat Oog master."

"Oog master Great Fire Chief. Great Fire Chief say no wet rock fire help."

"Larg no like Great Fire Chief. Larg no like Oog. Larg want wet rock fire to work. Make wet rock fire work!"

"Oog can't make wet rock fire work."

"Larg talk to Great Fire Chief"

"Great Fire Chief no here. Great Fire Chief call back."

"Larg cold now. Talk to Great Fire Chief now!"

"Great Fire Chief call Larg back. Oog can't talk no more."