I worked in tech support for nearly 3 years. I never liked it that much, and grew to hate it after a while. So I left. I got another job doing something else. One day, browsing through job adverts, I was automatically skipping non tech support jobs, because I didn't think I could do them. One which caught my eye was writing online courses for an IT training company. I wouldn't have to speak to/hear/smell the customers. Hey, I thought, I could do that. So I applied, got it, and have been very happy there since then.

That tech support job was so awful. You'd tell them something a hundred times, and they'd still get it wrong five minutes later. It drove me fucking loopy. I was depressed, angry all the time, I hated my life - so I left. I'm a happier, calmer person now, it's amazing the change in me since I escaped that place. If you don't like doing tech support, leave. You're obviously qualified to do other jobs if you know enough to do that. If you're not, then you shouldn't be doing it. Fairly simple, really.

Maybe then we can stop the spread of "hilarious" tech support emails, which are all created from this basic template:

Caller: I did something stupid! I'm stupid! Duhhhh! Can I plug my shoes into the hard disk?
Tech Support: No, you can't. That's stupid. You are stupid. I am clever.

Ha ha ha ha ha! How witty! It's so true! Because stupid people are stupid!

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