Woke up this morning at 8 am. This made for about 9 hours of good, solid, uninterrupted sleep. Had a bowl of ceral, and a few hours earlier, went to go help the rest of the neighbors pick up trash along our road. As part of the "adopt a highway" program, the neighbors on our street clean up the trash on the intersecting public highway once a year. In rural Virginia, this means removing empty light beer cans and Skoal packages from the ditch. Yet, this year, there was a little trash, so it wasn't too bad. Finds of the day: a hub cab and a disgusting, half decomposed wife beater. The apparent justification for the momentary lasp of sanity when volunteering for this thing (a job usually reserved for convicts) is, "It's a good way to get to know and socialize with your neighbors." This is why I don't get out more often.

The rest of the day was uneventful. I played a good bunch of Civilization: Call to Power. That game really eats through time. Each game always ends out the same for me. Eventually it gets to the point where I'm micro-managing 132 billion different things, and get frustrated (and bored), switch on cheat mode, and just nuke the shit out of everyone. I don't honestly believe anyone has the patience to get to the cool parts of the game, i.e. nukes, space/ocean cities, laser guns, alien cloning,ect, with out cheating. Also, since I was centuries ahead of everyone in tech (without cheating), explain to me how a machine gun wielding Marine can be taken down by a couple musketeers.