Eurpoean Patent Office application number WO2001JP07048 20010815

Requested Patent WO0216915

Publication date: 2002-02-28

Inventor(s): IKEMATSU MINEO (JP)



A chemical sensor consisting of a microplate provided with plural wells in which a reaction solution is contained, an outer air inlet, a light source, a first wavelength selection unit, a second wavelength selection unit, a fluorescence detection unit and a data processing unit.

The reaction solution contains a bovine-origin odor-binding protein.

An outer air containing an odor substance is introduced into the reaction solution via the outer air inlet. Then the odor substance binds to the odor-binding protein in the reaction solution. The fluorescence obtained by irradiating the odor-binding protein, which has been bound to the odor substance, with light is detected thereby detecting the odor substance contained in the outer air.

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