Push content was an idea developed circa 1997. It envolves writing programs that send information on a regular basis to the client without the client asking for it. Generally used to deliver news, and other constantly changing information. Thought to be wonderful because "Clients do not have to waste cycles and network traffic to poll servers." Supposed to be the Next Big Thing at the time, it was integrated into both IE and Netscape 4 as the next platform of that endless steel-cage death match.

The main reasons push failed:

  1. It required more Cpu cycles than was required to crack DES.
  2. 95% of the content provided could be found by turning on the telly.
  3. Download times for the 'instant information' were obscene. Sort of went against the whole gist of the thing.

Push does live on, but in a different form. HTML has become more dynamic with its various extentions, Perl and PHP have become widely used, and information has become easy to come across without loading some behemoth of a program.

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