Cradled in your arm (Au creux de ton bras)
original french lyrics by Mano Solo

You've been waiting for him for hours
Your bones are aching, your back is hurting
You're sweating, not because it's hot
And you're shivering, not because it's cold
And you're waiting for that bastard
He's taking his time
He knows he'll get your money
You'd do anything
To get your little ackpay*. (K├ępa: verlan for paquet)
You long to feel her in your arm
Woman to those without
You can see him coming from afar
Your sunshine is returning
With his mothefuckin' ugly mug
For sure the dude is gonna screw you over
But now you're flipping out like a puppy
Afraid he'll tell ya he's fresh out
So when, with contempt, he hands you his shit
You even thank him

You run off to the john
Then it's party time for ya
Then with the water from the bowl
You fix yorself a little snack
And when at last, you ram in your pike
In you arm, now all knotty
when the red mixes with the white
The torment is over

You can feel her cradled in your arm
Woman to those without

So you're noze(n)* diving in the hood (More verlan: zen / nez )
And you don't even remember
Who you were before, when you had balls
When you were proud, of the time when you even had
When you even had your dreams
So you're noze(n) diving in the hood
I kinda want to kick yer ass
But I'm too afraid you'd break in two
Coz you look like some old geezer

Cradle her in your arms
Woman to those without

She's getting old your woman
She's getting too old for you

Translation dedicated to Dede Fortin, singer from Les Colocs who wrote about his best friend, broken by heroin addiction in the song Tassez-vous de d'la. He committed suicide on May 8 2000, another victim of clinical depression.