In reference to fugitive247's factoid,

"It's possible to lead a cow upstairs...but not downstairs."

It should be noted that this factoid has been tragically demonstrated at Brown University.

Approximately 125 years ago, it was common practice for the president of the University (and I think other faculty), to use the Main Green for livestock grazing. Some students decided the grazing cows made Brown look like a dairy and, as a prank, lead one of them up the stairs to the top floor of Hope College, one of the older dormitories. After attempts by the authorities to get the cow to walk back down failed, they attempted to lower the cow via a harness. Partway through the operation, however, the cow panicked and fell to the ground, resulting in injuries which the cow didn't recover from. Shortly thereafter, in 1880, the pasturing of animals on the Green ended, even though the President still had the right.

In 1995, however, the wife of the then-President, Vartan Gregorian, presented her husband with a dozen sheep munching on the Green outside University Hall, along with a shepherd's crook for his 61st birthday.

There's no record if the food quality temporarily improved as a result of this mishap. Why couldn't they have just tipped them instead?