In 1951, a Hollywood writer, branded a Communist at the height of the "Red Scare," loses his memory in a car accident, only to be mistaken for a small town's long-lost war hero.

Jim Carrey brings his charming, yet goofy, smile to this film, livening up what would otherwise have been a rather ordinary "feel-good" movie. Although most of the rest of the cast is rather lackluster, Martin Landau stands out as the caring father-figure, Harry Trimble, who is just as excited as he is astonished to see his long-lost son.

While this movie is probably the closest Carrey will get to an Academy Award for Best Actor, it's sad to note that most of the Academy will not be able to see past the "human exclamation point" that he has played in nearly every previous movie, to the amazing talent and range he shows in The Majestic. A touching movie, full of heart, and certainly capable of bringing a tear to even the toughest eyes.