Remember when geek used to be a touchy word? I always considered it similar to how some african americans see the word nigger. If used by one who you consider to be a comrade in your subculture, it's a word of familiarity, even a compliment. But, if used by an outsider, it's a terrible insult. I remember when I was in high school, and the jocks and preps used to call me a geek. Now, those same people are a part of popular mass media. They think it's okay to say (even though they're still basically insulting us) because they use it in a context of talking about how we're all rich and powerful now, just like Bill Gates. That shit pisses me off. It makes me wish I could walk up to those reporters and journalists, and punch them in the face. I am not defined by the operating system I use. You cannot pretend to admire my lifestyle, or understand what it is to be me. Maybe, if you tried talking to me in high school, instead of beating me up, and asking me if I'm a fag, I would have turned out to be more socially skilled. Maybe if I had really felt accepted by society, I would have gone and hung out at the mall, instead of sitting in my bedroom all night, calling BBSs.

Granted, I'm glad my life is the way it is, and I wouldnt want it any other way, but I get pissed off when people talk about my life like it's interesting and cute when it's in part a product of their opression. So, fuck off, and stop calling me a geek, I havent bitten the heads off any chickens lately, and i'm not planning on it anytime soon.