As an emergency tactic, if you do happen to get pulled over, and you're facing a really nasty ticket, there is a little trick I've tried, and a few of my friends swear by it as well. Say you left your license at home. In most cases, and if you're polite, the pig will just give you a ticket for not having your license on you (which is no points), and forget about the moving violation (which could be lots of points). I got pulled over once by a state trooper for going 75 in a 55, and told him that I had moved, and had not notified the MVA yet. He let me off with a $30 ticket for it. If I had gotten the speeding ticket, it would have been about $130 and 2 points.

The only risk is, if the particular cop in your situation is an asshole, he may give you 2 tickets. I guess that would suck, but if you really need to avoid the points, it's probably worth the risk (and it's still a lot less risky than bribery, and easier to go through with than sexual favors).