My Journey

Hello, my name is Sean. The things you read from here are for you, as well as for me. While some people want to discover new things, I don’t want to forget these things. It’s odd how changed I feel about everything that happened, I feel as if everything has a new calling for me. Something begging me to remember what has happened.

We join my story at the airport in Salt Lake City. The setting is me and my middle school class, waiting to board the plane. The plane would take us to Mexico City, and then we would be taken to Tepoztlan, where we would be in a Spanish school and living with families as part of an emersion trip with my school. My nerves had been racking up ever since the morning when the sun first rose. I remember in my mind thinking ‘This isn’t going to be fun at all, away for a month, and what are the classes going to be like? The fact that I’m living with a family that I don’t even know? All these questions are eating me up! The fact that I’m only 13 too…’. That is what I was thinking at the time we were getting on the plane.

I was happy to be leaving my family, to be on and have time to think some things over in my life.

Let me describe what it’s like with my family quickly for you: My baby sister spends a lot of her time crying about how she isn’t getting what she wants. My little brother constantly complains about how he can’t get the cheats in Starcraft to work. My bigger brother is off with his girlfriend or kicking me off the computer constantly. My mom is a bitch, and my dad thinks I want to talk to him a lot.

Given my current situation I really wanted to get away for awhile. So back to the plane, I was in relief and in nervous confusion. The Burger King I had eaten at the airport was bottling up in my stomach and making me feel nauseas, the plane safety video was on. When I look back on it. In my seat next to of my best friends, reading a book about Islam in an airplane while Alex, (my friend who will now be referred to as Slufus (nickname)) read the book Airframe. The tires starting to roar as the plane got ready for takeoff, Al (other friend) starting to curl up into a ball.

When I think about Al at the time I think he was tired, withered from his one month trip to New Zealand that he returned from 2 days before we left. He had been torn away from his friends at school for a month with his parents in a rain forest. Then as soon as he came back he was being asked to go for a month to Mexico. I think that he really didn’t want to go, considering the trip involved learning and following rules set by people that weren’t him.

It’s important to realize the person Al is. He’s not your average dummy that tries to be funny. He’s pretty intelligent, and some of the things he says take awhile to get the funniness of them. He has spiky white hair, has moles here and there, but they aren’t bad looking. He’s around 5’10, just a little bit taller than me.

Slufus is just there, he makes up quite a bit of stuff and nobody believes him anymore. He is a real hypocrit, I'm pretty bad with that kind of stuff, but not nearly as bad as Slufus. But at sometimes he has some funny topics to discuss. Otherwise a lot of the things he says are just dumb. He has red hair and freckles and is shorter than me. He also is annoying at times, and quite geeky (talking about how he wants to steal cars and make Starcraft maps).

The plane ride was pretty boring, since I live in Salt Lake there was the entire security rule about no standing for the first 30 minutes of the flight, or the last 30 minutes (depending on if you were arriving or departing). We would’ve been exempt from the rule if we had gone two days later (we left a day before closing ceremonies of the Olympics). But some things can’t be changed, so I was pretty much stuck needing to use the bathroom for half of the flight. When the flight attendants finally came out, I told Al to read a book called “The Elegant Universe” (a book about physics) and make it apparent that he was reading that book when they asked if we wanted drinks. Slufus was going to show off his Airframe book while I was going to display my Islam book.

Al constantly wusses out on my brilliant schemes and he says he doesn’t want to get in trouble. So my brilliant scheme with the books was left out in the dry and it didn’t entirely get the same affect it would have if Al had joined. Other then that the flight was practically dry of content. When we finally arrived in Los Angeles we ran into one of our school teachers by the name of Ron. It’s odd because he constantly turns up in places we don’t expect him. Apparently he rented out his house for the Olympics and went to Hawaii. I really don’t believe him because he is really lazy, and we all know lazy people don’t want to teach a bunch of children.

There really wasn’t anything to do in LA except wait for our next plane to Mexico City. Even on the plane there wasn’t anything that happened. Except for one twist in plot where a new character is added in. Alex, my girlfriend switched seats with Al (Al wanted to sit next to his girlfriend, Kristin). Alex is around 4’11, brownish skin and black hair that is a brown color at parts. She’s 12 years old, has size B boobs and a pretty face. I spent the majority of that plane ride sleeping on her shoulders and stroking her arm under the airplane blankets. When the dinner came about it was steak or shell pasta. I don’t really like the taste of steak so I went with the Shell Pasta. It was better then the steak, but I got a bunch of sauce on my shirt that made me smell really funny. Despite that I enjoyed the rest of the flight watching the in-flight movie and making fun of it.

When we finally arrived in Mexico City (flight time from LA is 3½ hours), it was around 12 o’clock. After we went through a little customs check (I think it was that, I’m not quite sure), we saw a sign and some people waiting to pick us up. We soon were taken outside and were told to put our luggage in a pickup. As odd as it sounded to me, I obeyed and then entered the van that they also told us to get into. What would follow was a 2 hour van ride that would consist of me talking to my Ex-Girlfriend (Kahlia by name), and listening to Black Sabbath.

As all but 3 of my classmates had dozed off, I gazed out my window as cities passed by. I felt a strange feeling when I first saw Tepoztlan from the van, it was dark and at 2 AM. But the city was completely lighted, and that made me feel better about where I was. We were taken to the school, but I didn’t know it was the school. We were just led into a room, it looked like a house more than anything else. It was a living room, with a TV in it. There we awaited our families to pick us up…

More tomorrow.