Uptown Girl is also Homer Simpson's rebel song.

In "D'oh-in' in the Wind", when Homer is filling out a form and realizes he doesn't know his middle name, Abe (grandpa) takes him to the hippy commune that Homer's mother ran away to.

When he arrives there, he's met by Munchie (George Carlin) and Seth (Martin Mull). They proceed to tell him about how his mother took him to Woodstock.

After that, Homer decides to get back to his hippy roots. He convinces Munchie and Seth to go on an old-fashion freak-out with him. When they reluctantly agree, they pile into Munchie's Saturn and hit the road.

Munchie and Seth are listening to the staple 60's acid music when Homer asks if he can put on something that will really blow their minds.

Then he pops in Uptown Girl.

Later on in the episode, after Homer uses Munchie and Seth's marijuana crop to complete their organic juice order, the cops come to bust them. After the cops set their batons to "stun", Homer tells Munchie and Seth to sing their rebel song, and breaks into a slow, heartfelt rendition of Uptown Girl.

It's a classic Simpson's moment.