"The bitch I hate and I want her to die"

About a month ago, I began dating this really great guy. For privacy sake, we will call him Fred. Fred is an amazing individual. He has this unique sense of humor, good looks, all a chick could ask for in a boyfriend. All except the psycho bitch from hell ex-girlfriend. Yep ladies, all the "keepers" have this problem.

Since the beginning of our relationship, she (we will call her Jennifer) has caused us problems. First she says she is happy we have found each other. Ten minutes later, she is calling me a whore, a bitch, and I am sure she has used a few other choice words. God KNOWS I have used some for her.

Today, the problems all exploded in my face. She has gotten others involved, and everything was a mess. Basically, she is acting like a two-year-old, I have taken her "toy" ("toy" being "Fred"), and she will throw a pissy-fit untill she gets it back. Well, I've got news for you "Jennifer"......OVER MY DEAD BODY.