We are so stupid. Last night, we managed to get outselved locked inside a state park. This proves to me we are sick in the head because of geocaching.

Closes at sunset? Nah, that means they really close at about 9, 9:30pm. Or so we thought. We arived at the park at about 6pm, just AFTER sunset. Oh no big deal, we'll be in and out. Out of the car we go to snoop around in the bushes. A cop drives by. Says something, or so we think. Doesn't really bother us much. More snooping around. 8pm, we decide to leave. Guess what? We CAN'T! Gates are locked and closed. "PARK CLOSED" is what the big red sign on the gate says. Oh shit. We push on the gate, mess with the locks. No luck. Our only option (legal): Call the police. After talking to a machine for about 10 minutes, I finally get someone. "Hi, we're locked in John Prince park." I hear laughter. Lots of laughter. "Ok, we'll send someone to let you out!" Some more giggling. Don't we feel stupid.

Over an hour later, the cop arives, looking not so very happy. As we thank him 40 times over, he just nodds, and we drive off. Next time, when they say, "Closes at Sunset" we'll know they really mean it.