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Well, I suppose yesterday was actually the first day of summer, what with the clocks going forward and all that, but whilst I still have a bit of a sleep-hangover about the hour less of sleep (and it's amazing just how much difference it seems to make) today was actually sunny!. Not just sunny, it's been sunny on and off for a while (what with me living in the English Riviera ;-), but today it was actually warm, as well!

You may infer, from that above paragraph, that I'm a bit of a summer person, and you'd be right. I hate the winter, it really pisses me off. The summer's great. You don't have to put on loads of clothes just to go out, you can sit on the grass without getting a wet arse, you can skip gaily through fields and across streams whilstling happy tunes... well... maybe not the last bit.

The weather has also picked a very usefull time to become warmer... we've just run out of gas for our heater and haven't any cash to get some more untill Wednesday (when Caroline gets paid), so we were in for bloody cold times...

Right... in the car... sunroof open.... Woo Hoo!

Woo Hoo! Easter Holidays!

Wehey! I'm on my easter hols from uni too! Cool! How many great things could happen at once! Wow! I'm getting all over-excited now... O.K. calm down... go for a cigarette...