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An Apology

To the bloke I spoke to today...

I have no idea who you are. You stopped me as we passed in the street, but I had no idea who you are. You knew my name, you knew some of my friends, you knew some of my past and you knew that I'd got married since I last saw you. I still had no idea who you were. We used to work together; I could gather that much from the conversation. We were made redundant at the same time. You got a job somewhere else, and I went to university.

Perhaps, one day, we'll bump into each other again. We'll have the same conversation: what we're up to, what we're going to do, which old mutual friends we still see, or don't. And I probaby still won't recognise you, or have any clue as to who you are. And I'm sorry about that. Because unlike most of the twats I used to work with; you seemed alright.


So I'm still noding the European Constitution. I've managed the Preface, Part I and Part II now, and it's bloody hard work.... sort of. And yes, I am starting to regret begining it. I'm currently trying to sort out how I'm going to split the worryingly-large Part III. I also just noticed that I called the first part 'Part 1', with a number instead of a Roman numeral. Bugger. I'll pop over to the Node Title Edit node and get that sorted.

For the last quite-a-while I've been deleting old writups as I write new ones. Basically all my old writups were pants - of the worst kind. My merit, about a year ago was actually zero but, as of two days ago I've managed to drag it up to be equal to the e2 merit mean. Goal one acheived: I actually feel like I'm contributing something now. :-)

Other Stuff

I'm so nearly there! I'm on the last semester of the last year of my CompSci course at uni. I seriously cannot wait to finish it so I can go out and get a job again. Note to those of you at university who have never worked: When people tell you how easy you have it, tell them to try and live on a pathetic student loan for three years and see how they like it. That is, unless you're one of those rich kids that gets loads of cash from daddy, (there's thousands of them here), then you can piss off yourself.

Things my wife and I will be able to acomplish once I have a job:*
  1. Pay off credit cards and other debts
  2. Get a house, instead of a mouldy one bedroom flat
  3. Get a bloody proper internet connection, instead of the arsey dial-up I have now
  4. Shop at Sainsbury's instead of Lidl
  5. Go to the pub. A lot

This is all, of course, assuming I finish -- and pass -- my degree. If the teaching goes on as it is, I suspect possibly not; Last week two lectures were cancelled because of illness, two more because of some sort of conference and another for an unknown reason. That left me with about two. Now there's value for your grand of top-up fees. If all continues on the same course they'll probably shut us down, like they have to Chemistry and Music.

* Actually I have a job, I mean a full-time one.

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